Nominations Committee

(also called the Committee on Lay Leadership)

Pastor Casey Collins

Current Committee members (as of August 2018)
(Pastor must act as Chair, no more than 9 members)
Doris Huston(2019)
Callie McMahon(2019)
Steve Rafter(2019)
Carol Rowlette(2018)
Janet Hromjak(2018)
Vacancy (2020)

The Nominations Committee role is to help members and friends of the congregation to utilize their gifts for ministry through serving the church.

Participation at meetings, mainly in the fall of each year. Often the committee has also sponsored a Ministry Fair or other event or method of letting members and friends know the ministry and service opportunities that exist for them here at MUMC.


Current Needs (as of August 2018)
2020 Members
Current Meeting Times
The Nominations Committee usually meets once every two weeks during the fall in preparation of the Church Conference. The Church Conference takes place around the end of the year, when all committees need a new slate of members. Please call Pastor John Whitley (603)673-2669 for exact times and place of the meetings as it varies from year to year.

Nominations Committee Member
Purpose of Ministry:
The purpose of serving as a member of the Nominations Committee Member at the Milford United Methodist Church is to glorify God by helping members and friends to find their gifts for ministry within the church.

   1.   To encourage or solicit the involvement of the congregation in different committees.

   *    Attend Nominations Committee Meetings - currently as called by the chair.
   *    Pray regularly for the congregation and various committees.
   *    Work with the committee in finding people to staff various committees.
   *    Work with the committee leader and other sources (e.g., your denomination) to gather information and about the committees and associated gifts.
   *    Participate in the Ministry Fair which enables the congregation to see many committees at once and gather about them.

Related Gifts
Generous and caring spirit

Other Qualities:
Good facilitative and organizational skills, ability to work with people

Reports to:
The Pastor

Service Times:
Meetings as called, mainly in the fall, and participation in the Ministry Fair

Length of Service:
Three years os as appointed by the Pastor or the Nominations Committww

   *    On the job training!

See our Committee Contact page for more information.