Men's Ministries

Chairperson- Inactive

Current Committee members

Iron Sharpens Iron-To bring men to Christ through fellowship, projects and Bible Study

Have included breakfasts with speakers, attending men's workshops presented by Vision New England and the Rebuilding Together Project

We have none. All breakfasts are paid for with donations at the door

Current Needs (as of Augest 2018 2009)
Need a group leader and interested men who will take on the responsibility of a project and see it through.
Current Meeting Times
None at this time

Volunteer opportunities & job descriptions
Opportunity for committee members. Anyone wishing to be a committee member must be a regular attending member of MUMC, and should attend or have attended a Bible Study. Opportunity for all men. Come to the breakfast, participate and bring a friend to share this fellowship time with.

See our Committee Contact page for more information.