Board of Trustees

Committee Chairperson
Steve Rafter(2018)

Current Committee members (as of August 2018)
(Committe must be 3-9 people, of which 2/3 must be church members)
Charls Savage(2018)
Nancy Tong(2019)
Steve Kimner(2019)
Jim Lawler(2019)
Jason Lambert(2020)
Lisa Payne (2020)

The Board of Trustees takes care of the physical buildings and property owned by the church which include, the church building itself, the grounds, the office, the Education Building, the parsonage and the new property.   Care of these properties include upkeep and maintenance issues, buying and selling of property.

The Board of Trustees must maintain a quorum at meetings in order to vote on different issues, thus it is very important that all members attend meetings. If a quorum is not reached, items on the agenda must be pushed off until another month._

Participation at monthly meetings, special projects as relate to the buildings and grounds (generally), Levi Sunday


Current Needs (as of August 2018)
Current Meeting Times
The Board of Trustees currently meets the 2nd Monday of each month, 7:00 pm, at the church.

Volunteer opportunities & job descriptions

See our Committee Contact page for more information.