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Connie noel

Pray for jennifer that God would help jennifer with all her problems and issues and whatever God thinks she needs help with.pray for Chris that God would help him in whatever way that God thinks Chris needs help

Posted: Friday 3/27/2020,

For my son who must go to work each day, in a company that is considered critical and necessary. Keep him safe from this virus that is threatening us all.

Posted: Sunday 3/29/2020,

Please agree with me on a miracle in a situation in which I was falsely accused. I’m on probation for something I know I didn’t do. They are currently revoking it. Please agree with me for freedom from this I do not want to go to jail and lose my dog or apartment. Matthew 18 v19 says whatever two or more agree upon the Earth they shall have. Please stand in agreement with me so that I don’t go to jail and am freed from this situation. Thanks God bless you!! Please also pray for an end to demonic attacks I’ve had. Everyday I have been harassed by a demon he scares me and has hurt parts of my body. Please pray him and his friends be removed from my life. Who the son sets free is free indeed.Please lastly thank the Lord for healing me. God bless you!!

Posted: Wednesday 4/1/2020,

Sima and babies Ellie and Lilly.

Posted: Thursday 4/2/2020,

May Carl's new treatment heal him.

Posted: Thursday 4/2/2020,

Kris's sister

Posted: Tuesday 4/7/2020,

June K

Posted: Tuesday 4/7/2020,
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