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The family of Lorretta S.

Posted: Sunday 11/22/2020,
Carol B

Please pray for Marian K. at Maple Leaf. 54 of 114 residents have tested positive for COVID along with 29 staff. May God’s grace and healing touch be with them.

Posted: Sunday 11/22/2020,

Prayers for Wendy in Maine who was diagnosed with breast cancer this week.

Posted: Tuesday 11/24/2020,

Dear Father I know that you want me to be patient and wait on you. I am praying for your perfect will Lord God. I am praying for favor from you my Heavenly Father. I am praying you will do away with any soul ties and curses on me or my children. I am praying you will bring this to a conclusion. I am praying my children are spared anymore of this. I am praying you see what is going on and end it Lord. Forgive me for my part in any of this. Forgive me for not seeking you first before this relationship. I pray for your perfect will and I pray it happens swiftly. Thank you Lord in Jesus Name Amen

Posted: Friday 11/27/2020,
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